CB Privacy Tab Fields

CB Privacy Fields Configuration

Once the CB Privacy package is installed you will see 3 new Field types that you can publish/unpublish as needed:

1. privacy_profile
Select profile privacy. Profile privacy determines who can see profiles and its related information.

Global (tab)

By default it is set to display on Contact info Tab and to show on profile edit. You can make changes as needed.

Parameters (tab)

Layout (sub tab)

You can control the layout of that field.

Privacy (sub tab)

  • Default:
    Select the default privacy for profiles.
    Remember to set the same access level or a combination that fits your needs, in Community Builder – Configuration – User Profile - Profile View Access Level
  • Include fields:
    Select the fields to also protect in addition to protecting profile access. This will cause fields rendered outside of profile to respect profile privacy settings. Use ctr / cmd click for multiple selection.

Integration (sub tab)

This is placed by the plugin but it doesn’t apply any changes, so you don’t need to touch it.

2. privacy_disable_me
This creates a button on user’s account that gives an option to user to hide all profile information. System will ask (optionally) for a reason of disabling.

The profile will be blocked and the user must send an email to administrators asking to unblock it.

At Plugin Manager – CB Privacy there is a button “Closed”. There the admin can see disabled user’s profiles.

If you want to re enable a profile use the CB User Management.

3. privacy_delete_me

Will create a choice for your users to delete their account and all profile information associated with it.

Tip: Automatic deletion of blogs when a user is deleted can be enabled from CB Blogs Plugin.



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