CB Progress Field Configuration

Once CB Progress is installed go to Plugin Manager and publish it.

There are no configuration to be done here, except if you need it not to be public.

A Field Type Progress has been created. Go to Field Manager and Click New.

Give it a unique and characteristic name.

Proceed to Field Configuration.

Global (tab)

  • Type: From the drop-down list select Progress
  • Tab: Select the tab in which you want to display it
  • Show on Profile: Select type of display

All other configuration are of no need.

Parameters (tab)

  • Fields: Select the fields to be used in progress calculation. All fields progress is calculated automatically from a scale of 100 percent. After you have selected desired fields just click out of that field and you will see: Number of selected fields out of total fields. You can uncheck a field by clicking it again.

Note that fields that a user cannot fill up (e.g. registerDate), even if they are selected, they do not apply or the progress bar will never be completed.

  • Bar: Select the color of the bar or disable bar display. Options are Blue / Red / Green / Orange
  • Completeness: Enable or disable display of profile completeness inside the progress bar.
  • Checklist: Display checklist of fields which contribute towards profile completeness.
  • Hide on Complete: Enable or disable hiding of progress field when profile is completed.
  • Private Display: Enable or disable display of progress field to users self only. Moderators are exempt and can always see progress.



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