CB Google Translate Configuration

The configuration of this plugin is simple.

Go to CB Plugin Management page and click on the CB Google Translate plugin link.

Global (tab)

The CB Google Translate plugin Global tab has the following configuration parameters:
  • Publish:
    Select the state (published/unpublished)
  • Access Level:
    Select the view access level for this plugin. Only users with this view access level will be able to access the plugin.
  • Ordering:
    Order determines what order the plugin will load in.

Parameters (tab)

The Parameters tab has a number of sub-tabs.

General (sub tab)

The following parameters are available here:
  • Customization Code:
    Optionally input meta data customization code. This is supplied by Google when generating a translate button for your website.
  • Default Language:
    Select sites default language. Recommended to select default language of site. This will determine what language the site is translated from.
  • Languages:
    Select supported language translations. This will determine what language the site is translated to. You can choose from the list or select all.
  • Auto Translate:
    Enable or disable display of the translation banner for the users speaking other languages than your default language.
  • Mixed Content:
    Enable or disable if your site contains content with multiple languages on the same page.
  • Tracking: Optionally input google analytics id to tracking of translations (e.g. UA-12345-12).

Parameters (sub tub)

  • Mode:
    Select display mode of translation selection.
    Available modes are
    - Inline Layout Options are: Dropdown, Vertical, Horizontal
    - Tabbed Layout Options are: Lower right, Lower left, Upper right, Upper left
    - Automatic: CB Automatic / Snippet: translates depending on user’s language (without dropdown)
  • Tooltip:
    Enable or disable display of original text tooltip on mouseover of translated text.
Now the CB Google Translate plugin is enabled and configured, go to your CB Login Module –> Login and Logout Options tab and make sure that CB Plugins Integration field, is set to Yes.

That was it! Your users will be able to use Google Translator in pages that the Login module is displayed.

Tip: When a user selects a language to translate your site to, Google displays a bar at the top of your site giving few options. That bar will cover part of your template header. Consider giving some top padding to your menu block if it s placed there.

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