URGENT - How to fix UTF-8 problem?

13 years 6 months ago #10446 by Oceanwatcher
The admin of one of the websites I set up have an interview with a newspaper on Wednesday and we have a problem with Danish special characters...

Can anyone point me to the solution of this problem? I know it is supposed to be fixed in the stable release, but still have not seen anything of that yet. I also PM'ed one of the team to ask if I could get my hands on the current release, but no answer yet.

I am getting nervous about the website (and CB) being shown looking bad. So I am asking if anyone know how to fix the problem?



13 years 5 months ago #10520 by Oceanwatcher
Please, everyone.

I have tried searching the forum and can not find what I am looking for. English is not my first language, so it is sometimes difficult to find the right terms...


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