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6 years 11 months ago - 6 years 11 months ago #253799 by Citizen3942
I want to create a plugin which enables me to send new password for a user when I enable the user in database.
So when the admin goes to "showusers" page and there is a column "Enabled" and when he clicks on the "red cross" - enabling the user, the plugin should activate and generate new password and e-mail it to the user currently being activated.
The plugin should have parameters for setting the mail message layout and also password generation parameters.
II have started coding it but I guess I am getting it all wrong. Maybe you guys can help me out with that?
Here is my plugin code:

The code I posted here was never going to work in most of it so I made a new code and I managed to get mine working now.
Now, when I enable a user in users list then an email will be sent to the user with username and new password.

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