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2 days 8 hours ago - 2 days 8 hours ago #318745 by fribse2011
Hi All

I have the privacy plugin installed here, and I had it set up on another site (which is lost), and I've had to completely reinstall it here, and now I can't remember what to do.
It has been a long time since I last looked at this, so I can't remember what is to be done.
I have a list where I show a specific set of subfields, and it is just showing as blanks for most of them.
I don't even see the check marks for myself?
Oh, and I have this in the field parameters layout to make it show symbols:
[cb:if cb_boatapprov="1"]<span class="fa fa-check text-success"></span>[/cb:if]
[cb:if cb_boatapprov="0"]<span class="fa fa-times text-danger"></span>[/cb:if]
And the filter for the list is:
(ue.`cb_boatapprov` = "1") OR (ue.`cb_boatapprov2` = "1")

Best regards

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1 hour 47 minutes ago #318770 by krileon
Not sure what this has to do with CB Privacy? Are you saying the fields work as expected once CB Privacy is unpublished? It looks like you're using a layout to display an icon based off the fields value. Note that profile value layout and userlist value layout are separate parameters, which seams to be working for at least 1 row. If a field has never been used its value in the database is probably NULL. Try using the below layout to cover that case.

[cb:if cb_boatapprov="1"]<span class="fa fa-check text-success"></span>[/cb:if]
[cb:if cb_boatapprov!="1"]<span class="fa fa-times text-danger"></span>[/cb:if]

Basically change the "equal to 0" to a "not equal to 1" condition to cover NULL and 0.

Kyle (Krileon)
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