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This site is a media around Survey.

My new objective is to create a community (the last was to put online the website), for the moment, the visitors look at my pages but they doesn't create an account. If you have any ideas to help me to persuade to create an account.

The advantage, on this website, to create an account is to :
  • Easily post a comment,
  • Analyze the survey responses based on profiles (age, sex, occupation). When creating the account I do not ask any personally identifiable information.
  • Send a newsletter.
  • Ultimately create a community and retain people.

The website administrator publishes surveys which have different objectives :
  • An article on a topical issue confronting reality with the generally accepted ideas,
  • To get a tendency on a specific topic,
  • To bet for fun on sport events or news headlines,
  • Just for fun.

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Isuggest to improve the template design...
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