CB vs Joomunity? :)

12 years 3 weeks ago #53508 by yustar
Alright, i want to start a small discussion.

There are now 2 Community builders for joomla available.

The original CB (thats the site you are now)
and the Joomunity (i received a email a few minutes ago).

Does anybody tested ?

A confrontaion would be nice, i think :unsure:
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12 years 3 weeks ago #53517 by nant
Since you have experience on both, why not post your comparisons?
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12 years 3 weeks ago #53522 by yustar
If i tested, i'll post my comparis :)
But I haven't till now, maybe someone have?! :unsure:
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12 years 2 weeks ago #54077 by cosmicfantasia
I have used the demo of Joomunity on their site. Still very buggy, but what would you expect from something in pre-alpha.

From what I can see the layout of profiles in Joomunity is much cleaner and is more what is expected in profiles now with the success of Facebook.

From what I can see the functionality will be very similar, but with Community Builder you have years of development which one could only imagine goes along way.

But as I said, the interface is very very slick in Joomunity and for one I hope that the Community Builder guys take a few notes from them on this side of things.

Will be interesting to watch and I wish both packages well. They both do amazing things for Joomla and it's community.

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12 years 19 hours ago #55273 by stonyhills
Hey guys!

Yeah still active in developement. Some features i had disabled for a public exposure of the demo! However i am closing on a good usable alpha. in a few days from now!

Yeah its good just to have another community component for joomla.
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11 years 10 months ago #57769 by silexian
The component is very impressive. I've tested it today and the features are very interesting, i mean, many things are inside the component.

We'll see if plugins and templates can be developped ...

but for an pre alpha, this is awesome :)

help me decrease my Karma ! i AM a bad boy ;) Hurry up or i'm gonna eat your soul :p
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