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1 year 7 months ago #306374 by SuperHaven
(Let me preface this, I do not know if this is the correct thread to post in. This is my best guess.)

I am making a website to showcase different youtubers and content makers, and I am wanting to have specific tabs on their profiles that are in public view. but only their user group has the tabs on their edit profile screen.

The "Creator" user group will have all the same settings a "Registered" in joomla, just they will have the extra tabs on their profile where they can publish their relevant data to. Users of any user group should be able to see this data.

The tabs I am wanting to have are things such as "Social Media", "Channels", and "Affiliates". Social Media: will contain link fields to their outlets. Channels: will be link fields where they can link any platform their content appears on. Affiliates: will be a WYSIWYG with permission to allow links in the content, there they post all of their relevant data.

Any suggestions on how to do this: Tabs for specific user groups, viewable by all user groups?
1 year 6 months ago #306872 by SuperHaven
Guess there is no help on this one.
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