cant log in from front end of site

9 years 1 month ago #132465 by madameserenity

I had to un-install and re-install community builder on my website, I have been reconfiguring it for two days. Now that im ready to try and log in I cannot.. Although I have created several memberships that are enabled, I get a message with each log in attempt that says I need a membership to access this site....

I started having trouble last week when I attempted to publish the cb privacy plugin.. the website locked out my superadmin and would not allow me to create a superadmin from mysql.. it kept blocking the superadmin and then when I unblocked it the superadmin would then become a registered user.. so I un-installed and the re-installed community builder... now I just cant log in from the front end of my website... When I try to log in with one of the user names and passwords, community builder then blocks that user and I get the message that a membership is needed to access this site.... HELP!!!!!


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9 years 1 month ago #132513 by madameserenity
I was hoping to get an answer to the above question soon, I really can not figure out what is wrong with my website and do not look forward to completly un-installing and re-installing the entire site... which is the only option I can find on my own right now.. can someone please help me with this issue..

thank you
9 years 1 month ago #132519 by nant
Sorry, I do not understand your issue or exactly what you have done to your site.

Can you login from backend or not?

What exactly did you do to get blocked?

What did you do exactly at the database level?
9 years 1 month ago #132524 by madameserenity
hi there

Thank you for the response, I do not know what I did to get blocked I had finally published the privacy module and thats when it all started to go south.. im not saying the privacy module is the problem but thats when it started...

after that when I was logged into the backend and would change something or other the changes wouldent take and id be logged out.. id log in under my superadmin account and i would only have admin status... now when I try to log in my account gets blocked immediatly and turned from an admin account to a registered account...

what I have done to attempt fixing it can be found on these pages...

I beleive I have tried everything unless you can think of something I beleive it is time to un-install the entire site not just community builder and start over :(

Ive learned my lesson about backing up your sql ....

thanks for taking time to look at this

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