Create Menu Item stuck on "logout" type

8 years 3 months ago #156401 by jayden.cruz
Hello. I'm REALLY new at this so I not sure what's going on.
I have:
Joomla 1.6
CB 1.4

Following the install notes, when I get to the part where I'm supposed to create the user profile menu item. The "menu item type" always gets stuck on "logout". No matter what I select. The bottom field points to the right thing, but the field close to the top ALWAYS ends up being "logout" no matter what "type" you select. I did a test selecting other types and everything always ended up being "type" logout.

I hope that was understandable and I hope someone can tell me a work around for this.

thanks for your time.
8 years 3 months ago #156413 by nant
Please read the README-NEW-INSTALL.txt file included in the distribution package.

it clearly says:

KNOWN ISSUES: CB related 'Menu Item Type' displayed in Joomla 1.6 menu Item
creation always shows 'Logout action'. This is a Joomla bug
that has been reported to Joomla team and can be safely ignored
as the link created internally is the correct one.
8 years 3 months ago #156415 by jayden.cruz
Thanks man, I appreciate that. I actually came across that just a bit ago and haven't taken the time to update my post. Glad that everything is ok.

thanks for the reply, bud.
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