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7 years 4 months ago #188860 by jaume_teixido

I'm new in this world... I'm working in my new site
After some days working I've installed CB (comunity builder)... but I'm not sure that this is the problem.

Let me explain the problem (if I can)

I have a user (jordi) with this user I can create new articles and publish it. (the same with two other users jaumet an jaume).
But now I've created new user, within the same groups than jordi. This new user can create new articles and can publish articles but... this articles (in same category than others) don't appear in front page and anywhere (no category blog page, only appears in content manager as published)...

If I change the "created by" user for jordi (or jaumet or admin or jaume) ther articles appears perfect...

mybe it's a nonsense but it's driving me crazy!

thanks to anyone who show interest for this!
7 years 3 months ago #194570 by jaume_teixido
[solved] is a problem with contact category
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