Strings with accents (é,è,..) not imported

7 years 4 months ago #192780 by amls54fd
Hi all,

I'm using Joomla 1.5.24, Community Builder 1.7.1 and CBJuice2. Important precision: I'm in France, so many of the users informations content some accentuated characters (é,è,à, etc.).
I can edit all data correctly directly in the site, but each time I try to import a CSV with all users, all strings with accents are cut. I often have to do some massive import from EXCEL, via a CSV file.


"Rue du Père" becomes "Rue du P"
"Jean Chérot" becomes "Jean Ch"

For all fields.

I tried to export a CSV file with CBJuice2, then tried to import it again, and same problem.

Thanks a lot if you got any idea,

7 years 4 months ago #192785 by jciconsult
When you save the file from Excel it is in the windows code. You need to open the file with notepad or Notepad++ and save it as a UTF-8 file. The latter code set is what the web sites understand. I assure you that it works perfectly
6 years 5 months ago #220472 by vrichard
Thanl you for this response, however my somewhat similar problem concerns the user export in CBJuice... The exported CSV file does not handle the accentuated characters properly . Is there a way around this problem ?
6 years 5 months ago #220484 by jciconsult
The solution to your problem is to READ THE DOCUMENTATION. Joomla and most web systems use the UTF-8 Character set. That handles accents somewhat differently than older versions of windows and EXCEL. My standard recommendation is to use LibreOffice to manipulate the CSV file or to use some tool such as Notepad or Notepad++ to convert to ascii and THEN to convert back to UTF-8 prior to reloading.
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