SAVE BUG - 12/3/29

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There is a bug in CBJUICE in the SAVE option. The usertype is returned as the NUMBER. However, you must use the String Version of the type on the load. This bug came in because of a change in the code of either Joomla or CB.
We have uploaded version 2.0.6 to the JOOMLACODE site. This should fix the problem. The issue was a change in the recent version of joomla.
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8 years 5 months ago - 8 years 5 months ago #225638 by XmattX
Replied by XmattX on topic SAVE BUG - 12/3/29
I think I may be suffering from this bug. I'm trying to export users from a 1.5 site and update them (all already exist) in a 2.5 site. For both exporting and importing I am using 2.0.6

However, I am still getting the 'Invalid user type ... Super Administrator' error on import. Weird thing is, this only occurs with super administrators, other user type (author, administrator, ...) work fine.

Edit: I found the issue, it wasn't this bug after all: apparently someone changed the name of the group in the 2.5 site from 'Super admininistrator' to 'Super administrators' (notice the extra s). This (naturally) made those users faikl in the import. A simple group rename was all that was needed.
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