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6 years 6 months ago #230202 by marse7

I've done a JUPGRADE on a 1.5 site to 2.5 - did all the necessary debugging on CB Subs, DT Register and JEvents, etc. to bring everything current (and using the DB from the old 1.5 site.) The old site has been active for a few months and (paid) user membership on the old site has continued while the new site is being built.

I'm ready to import the current 1.5 user DB to the new site to go live. Tried using CB Juice (on a testbed) and for most fields in the table, it works but it doesn't bring across the most important field - the membership. A user who is a member isn't when the import is done. I can checkmark the box in CB Subs manually but I'd rather not have to do that since importing is so easy.

1) I used Notebook ++, set the encoding to UTF-8 no BOM (comma delimited.)
2) Ticked the HASH PASSWORDS box.

For the most part, the ADD is more successful than the EDIT (in CB Juice) but neither brings over the membership information.

Any thoughts?

Appreciate the help.

6 years 6 months ago #230218 by jciconsult
Sorry to disappoint you, CBJUICE is not integrated into the CBSUBS system. We don't even use it. You will have to do a second import using the CSV option in CBSUBS to manage membership.
Edit is designed to replace fields that are identical in concept. Your problem in edits is possibly in the representation of the data. I am glad you sorted the UTF-8.
6 years 6 months ago - 6 years 6 months ago #230221 by marse7
Thanks for the clarity - I was under the impression from my Googling that CB Juice was the way to go...

But I'm okay with any scheme that gets the new memberships from the old site into the old database on the new site (how's that for confusing B) )

So, can you tell me, in your opinion, how to best get the export data from the old site so I can use the import function on the new site? I can do MySql dumps, etc. - comfortable with that. What do I dump?

Many thanks,
6 years 6 months ago #230222 by jciconsult
CBJUICE is really intended for bulk additions to a working site or for bulk edits (i.e. editing some management fields or address fields) using data from other sources.
For upgrading from one version of Joomla to another. I just finished a move from 2.5.x to Joomla 3 using MYSQL. The key is to move between the same versions of cb. Moving from Joomla 1.5 is much trickier because the user tables have changed. In this case, CBJUICE would be your best approach. Use it to add new users and bring the cb data up to snuff. What I believe that CBSUBS has some kind of bulk edit facility. If not, you need to do some excel or other magic to create a linking table, because of differences in userids, so that you can move the subscription field information over. You could do a cute thing: Do a second Jupgrade to a dummy site and copy the user tables, comprofiler and any tables associated with cbsubs to your production site. That way you would preserve the userids. I am not familiar with cbsubs so I cannot tell you what tables to move but it is usually obvious if you understand how these systems work.
6 years 6 months ago - 6 years 6 months ago #230223 by marse7
If I export the j15 comprofiler table entirely and import it entirely (using phpmyadmin) into j25 will that work?

Didn't see you response...let me read it over.

6 years 6 months ago #230224 by jciconsult
Almost certainly NOT unless the subscription information is entirely contained in Comprofiler. You are better to work from an second jupgrade installation for your final copy to your live site but that would not solve your cbsubs problem. My guess is that there is another table(s) with the CBSUBS material linked to it via USERID. That is how I would program it if I was doing it. However, without seeing a cbsubs installation, I can not advise you further. I would recommend posting your query in the CBSUBS forum.
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