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I am coding a new plugin and a component called Advanced Profile Control. This code will bring the following new functionality:
  • Profile types
  • Powerful access control system for tabs and profiles
  • Profile layout customization by users

In the first version, profile types enables administrator to configure different tabs for different profile types and alter the layout of the profile based on the profile type. Also, the same customization options can be enabled for user. This new code will include all the functionality of my privacy policy plugin and layout manager plugin. (demos available at ) and extend this with user profile types.

I am planning on offering this code with a dual license, where a commercial user would be required to pay a small fee (30-50€), but non commercial use would be free.

I will release the plugin when it is completed (in a couple of days), and when I have decided which lisensing model to use and have written the licenses. If you think that you could use this code, please help me out with the licensing issue here:,com_joomlaboard/Itemid,38/func,view/id,33252/catid,13/

Non-licensing related issues should be discussed here:,com_joomlaboard/Itemid,38/func,view/catid,13/id,33268/

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Advanced Profile Control is an all in one solution for profile customization, access control and profile types.

Features include:
  • Administrator can define profile types.
  • Each profile type can have custom settings for tabs, site template, profile template and access level, including choosing which tabs are available for each profile type.
  • Profile type can be chosen before or during registration, or default type can be assigned for all new users.
  • Administrator can later change the profile types of users at Community Builder user management.
  • Administrator can define which customization and access control options are available for each profile type.
  • Tab and profile level access control policies can be implemented.
  • A flexible SQL based system is provided for defining who is allowed to see the content of tabs.
  • Access policies can be assigned for tabs and profiles on a per profile type and per user basis.
  • Several different options for managing unauthorized profile view attempts
  • Tab level profile customizations can be done.
  • Administrator can choose how tabs are positioned and displayed for each profile type
  • Users can further customize the positioning and display of tabs.
  • Two level template switching is implemented for Joomla and Community Builder templates
  • Administrator can assign default templates for each profile type and define which options are available for users.
  • Users can change their templates.
  • A single point administration component.
  • All features of the software can be toggled on or of by administrator.
  • All pieces of the system are managed with the Joomla component in the backend
  • Integrates with Joomla access control and several 3rd party components.
  • Profile types can be linked to Joomla or JACL Plus access levels. The initial access level is defined by the profile type, and changes to user access level automatically change the profile type.
  • Other CB plugins can be integrated to provide one profile customization tab for users.

This is a feature complete beta 2 release for testing purposes. It is expected that the stable version will be released within a week or so.

More info and demo at my site.


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