CB Phplist for Joomla Released !

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CB Phplist for Joomla Released ! was created by parth
CB Phplist for Joomla

Subscription Options :
3 Months 45$ | 6 Months 85$ | 12 Months 160$

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This extension brings the hugely popular newsletter solution from tincan.co.uk - PHPlist to Joomla. The integration is achieved using a CB Plugin. A Component allows you to configure a PHPlist installtion that you want your Joomla installation to connect with. The Plugin allows the user to subscribe to the lists in PHPlist at registration & also add or modify his subscriptions from his profile.This extension does away with the problem of most bridges which dont offer double opt in to subscriptions. A Double Opt is offered when the user is created in PHPlist thus making the system compatible with shared hosts whcih have very strict anti spam policies.
Additionally PHPlist params can be mapped with CB fields & are maintained in sync. Thus the full power of PHPlist can be used used with Joomla. Selective mailing to users in specific locations etc can now be done.

Php-Nuke to Mambo to Joomla...
My Evolution goes on!
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