Promotion/Coupon Code box not showing for specific plan

9 months 1 week ago #297225 by cpaschen
We've got several subscription plans and lots of coupons (and a couple automatic discounts).

Coupons are working for all of our plans except one. For that one plan the coupon 'box' isn't even being displayed for the user to enter the code.

I've gone into the CB Paid Subscriptions: General plugin settings | Promotions tab and ensured that the promotions are enabled (which they must be because they are working for the other plans).

On that page it indicates ....

* "if the basket is displayed" - I think it is, because the coupons are working for the other plans
* "if a promotion with coupon is available for any of the items in the basket" - I have checked and the coupon is applicable to only this one subscription type.
* "More settings are done from within the paid subscriptions plugin in each plan/product" - I'm not sure exactly where this is referring to
* "in the Promotions Settings menu item" - again, I'm not sure what this is referring to (unless you mean the individual promotion item

The strange thing is that one of these promotions was already used as some point in the past (based on the history of the promotion item), so it was working at some point.

I've also done side-by-side comparison of the settings for both the working and not working plans and promotions and can't find what might be causing the difference.

Is there any 'list' of the fields/settings that could effect display of that coupon code box for an entire plan like this?
9 months 1 week ago #297230 by krileon
Try creating a new coupon that applies to that plan with no other conditions and see if it displays. It could be the conditions or access view level on the coupon preventing it from working. If you've a per customer use limit on the coupon that could also be a cause.

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9 months 1 week ago #297238 by cpaschen
I've added a test coupon - with no restrictions, and the box then appears.

When I just change the "To which plans this promotion applies" field to select just the one plan that it should apply to, then the box goes away.
When I set it to "Applies to ALL..." then it is working again.

However, when I have the basic promotion/coupon set-up and enter the test coupon code and apply it I get a blue box that says "Redeemed coupon code FFTEST", but no discount is applied to the cart.

Yet coupons that are set-up for other plans are working fine.

So I'm guessing there is some setting within the specific plan configuration?

Is there somewhere within the plan itself that I can enable/disable coupons/discounts?
9 months 1 week ago #297286 by cpaschen
I've done some additional testing and it appears that something changed in the implementation somewhere related to the "To which plans this promotion applies".
Whenever that is set to anything, then the discount doesn't function (even if the user is purchasing the subscription that is selected here).

There really isn't any explanation in the label, tip, or documentation that explain this field further.

We were originally using this to filter when the discount/coupon was active.

Instead, it appears that we should be using the "Which plans must be purchased at the same time" option on the Advanced tab.
When we set that to the specific subscription to which the discount/coupon applies, then it seems to work.

It would really be helpful to know exactly what the differences is in functionality between:

* To which plans this promotion applies
* Which plans must be purchased at the same time

Just so that we are using them in the proper way (and don't find an issue down the road) [again]
9 months 1 week ago #297287 by cpaschen
Actually, I just found out that using these fields in this way doesn't work as needed.

We want to have CouponX that gives a 20% discount on a users' order IF they subscribe to plan A, B, OR C.

We presently have those plans selected in the "To which plans this promotion applies" and it was working fine. However, now it doesn't, and there doesn't appear to be a way to have the "Which plans must be purchased at same time" set to OR for multiple selections.

This is getting to be critical as all of our discount coupons have become non-functioning sometime in the last update or two - most likely with CB Paid Subs 4.1.1. (And we have users who can't -or wont'- purchase subscriptions because the promised discounts aren't working).
9 months 1 week ago #297290 by cpaschen
After doing some additional digging in our set-up I found (and remembered) that we had created a custom display for one of the discounts.
As soon as I turned that off (back to using the default) everything started working as it should.

Not sure why this would cause ALL of the checkout displays to hide discounts from other promotions.

I've solved the immediate need (getting discounts working), but would love to be able to use the custom displays option.

Here's what I had configured in the Display tab:

* Display name and description - Unchanged original text
* Display price - Automatic sale display: Strike-through regular price with "SALE!" display of new price
* Text to highlight promotion on plan - "Discount price for existing subscribers"

Any ideas why setting ONE promotion like this would cause all discounts to not show up?
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