[SOLVED] PAIDSUBSBOT fail ( again..) - URGENT!

9 months 3 weeks ago - 9 months 3 weeks ago #303352 by mikerotec
see www.joomlapolis.com/forum/277-cb-paid-subscriptions-support/238783-update-to-4-2-and-one-menu-item-broken-unless-admin?start=12#303351

same issue - now on LIVE SERVER :-(

CB 2.1.14

CBSUBS You have the latest version 4.2.0+build.2018. .

This was FIXED at some point - regression?

here is what is in now (and breaking menus)
9 months 3 weeks ago #303353 by mikerotec

I went and did "update all" (Community Builder: New Install CB Plugin | Install from web, updates) - and that seems to have CLEANED THINGS UP.

Was able to re-enable cbpaidsubsbot with no ill effects.
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