[#7263] Updating the language plug ins of CB Subs

1 year 1 week ago - 1 year 1 week ago #307160 by nant

lucablue wrote: Hi Nant,
I'm sure of that but I say that inside the language subdirectory of my website are not present language.php nor admin_language.php as in all other languages subdirectory...

Anyway, I've changed the order of the plugins inside CB plug ins and now it seems to work good... but remain the mistery about the 2 files I've said about. They are not where they should.

It would really help if you provided a relative path of where your 'language' subdirectory is.

I am seeing everything ok when I search in:

-> components -> com_comprofiler -> plugin -> language

I see my 2 cbsubs language installed plugin folders as: cbpaidsubscriptions-en-gb and cbpaidsubscriptions-el-gr
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