[SOLVED] All user plans changed to a different plan (2000+ members)

9 months 6 days ago - 9 months 5 days ago #307984 by marse7
This is really intolerable and I can't see how anything I've done engendered this. But I'm willing to be at fault if this can get fixed immediately.

Over 2000 members' plan were changed to a new plan that I added to this website.

I need IMMEDIATE HELP since the plan these members were changed to was a $4,000.00 plan that allows unlimited privs!

I tried to use the import function and it puked. See attachment.

I need all Gold Members to be changed BACK TO just regular members (Plan MEMB)


I've sent login information via the contact form. FIX THIS PLEASE or tell me how to.
9 months 6 days ago #307985 by marse7
So I guess IMPORT differs in execution from what I thought. It won't work for what I need so don't fix it.

I still need to know how to change 2,600+ members' plans BACK to the original. I'm afraid to do a MySQL statement because I'm not sure if just substituting GOLD for MEMB will work.

Please advise as soon as possible!

Thank you,
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9 months 5 days ago - 9 months 5 days ago #307986 by marse7
Nevermind. This was totally my fault and I think I know how to fixit.

What happened is that I copied the normal subscription plan because all the parameters were the same except the price and the cosmetics.

Instead of changing the information on the copied plan, I used the original plan which was #1. The new plan became 25.

The #1 plan was changed to the new plan and it became the standard plan for all users but it read as if it was the new plan.

In other words, #1 became a "new" plan and #25 became the original #1.

To fix this I just renamed the plans properly, changed the prices and everything is back to "normal."

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9 months 5 days ago #307990 by marse7
Again, I accept all the blame here. Too many hours behind the computer, not paying attention, etc., but what would have maybe helped is that when I cloned the plan, renaming one of them Plan (copy) would have clearly labelled the one I needed to edit. It would have saved me hours of frustration. Perhaps this minor change could be incorporated in a future build.

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