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6 days 8 hours ago #309101 by drgolden
We use CB Subs to manage an association of multiple member organizations. Historially there was one membership plan regardless of the gross revenue of the individual member organizations. As you can see from the atatchment the annual revenues have a significant range.

However this year we would like to charge members based on annual revenues … something like the attachment:

I can see creating a field to record annual revenues, and multiple plans for each revenue range. Is there a way or use case in which a plan would be selected and presented based on where their revenues fall in the grid (the value in the annual revenue field)?
5 days 17 hours ago #309109 by krileon
You'll first need to create a field for users to select their revenue range. I don't recommend using a text or integer field for them to supply exact revenue, but to just have a radio or select field to select the range. Next create a CBSubs plan for each revenue range and under the Workflows tab use the condition features to condition the availability of the plan based off their revenue. This should show/hide them based off the value of the field. Example as follows.

Dynamic Conditions on other plans and CB Fields to show this plan and to allow subscribing to it
Conditions: These conditions must be met on the registration form to show this plan at registration:
All of following CB fields must be filled-in/selected at registration: YOUR_REVENUE_FIELD_HERE
Condition: = (Is equal to)

You'd need to do the same for upgrades under "Subscriptions upgrades workflows".

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5 days 17 hours ago #309111 by drgolden
Thanks for your prompt response. I will give it a go.

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