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16 years 4 months ago #13841 by av05
CB Tab View was created by av05
Greetings, Community Builders.
Fascinating piece of work you've done. The more I look and learn about CB, the more I come to appreciate the work invested in it- well done.

As a veteran of myspace, one of the things that I find different on CB is the tabbed view on the profile.
I would prefer it to be expanded all over the profile page-
So I envision the profile page similar to a myspace profile page- multiple sections, visually seperated, but all expanded and visible on one page (as opposed to the tabbed profile where I need to click on every tab to view its details).
Is there any way to alter CB so it'll display the profile in such a way, as a myspace profile?


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16 years 4 months ago #13842 by homebrew

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