Expiry date combinations for Parent and child Plans

9 years 2 months ago - 9 years 2 months ago #222559 by aamet
I'm having some strange issues happening on a 1500 user site but first need to clarify a point. When we have a new paying member, they are automatically made a member of a Parent Plan which is FREE, and also a child plan which they have paid for.

Typically the pay plans expire 1 year after payment. The system is set up so that the Parent Plan expires after 3 years, and child Plans expire annually from renewal date.

So lets say User A joined on 1st Jan 2009. The user becomes a member of Plan A (expiring on 1st Jan 2012) and a member of child Plan B (expiring on 1st Jan 2010). They do not have auto payments set up, so their plan expires a year later. they are still members of Plan A. Then a month later they renew Plan B. So their expiry dates are now:

Plan A: 01/01/2013
Plan B: 01/02/2012

Assuming they renew automatically from now on, what should happen on 01/01/2013, when Plan A expires before Plan B (which will expire a month later? Plan A has no payment associated with it (i.e. it is 0).

Ideally the setup we want to have is, should a user not renew a PAID subscription, they remain a free member for up to 3 years. If we don't put a limit like this on it, our basic membership count will increase forever, even if the user may never return. Otherwise we would simply set the Free membership to be Lifetime.

The reason I'm concerned about the behaviour in this scenario is that is seems that a user whose parent membership expired, had an auto PaypPal payment made when the Parent expired( payment taken for the the Child Plan), and then when the child plan date actually expired a month later, this then took a second payment.

Assume I'm on Joomla 2.5.9, CB 1.9, CBSubs GPL 3.0.0

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9 years 2 months ago #222799 by krileon
Parent and Child plan expiration dates are not linked. When the parent expires then the child is disabled until the parent is renewed. I suggest making your free parent plan lifetime instead of having an actual duration otherwise every 3 years the user will need to click the renew button on the parent plan. The two plans basically renew independently of one another.

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