Can't add any image

10 years 3 months ago #102475 by Ncesco9000
Removed old plugin installed with the module plugin gallery in origin (zip with plulgin and module), and replaced with this one:


Is the one you can download alone (not with the mod mod_cbgallery_1_2_RC2), only the file of the plugin the RC2SR1-(Fixed)

It works seems, i can add items.

I'll test it deeply later.

Now i must only resolve with the "one to one chat", that won't work, but this is another story.

Thanks !

I fight ALS ! Is important give to the people with disease the possibility to communicate and talking about their problems, to gain a better life quality.
9 years 7 months ago #124850 by Mike9
I have similar issue with cbgallery_1.2RC2 plugin.

Everything works fine in IE, Safari, but can not add pictures under FF Mozilla.

Any ideas?
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