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13 years 2 months ago #24003 by joseph21
verbalkent wrote:

Hi, how can a person resize the module? I notice that there is blnak space below the image, like a place holder for the description, is there a way to make the module wrap tightly around the existing picture, removing the gap below it all together? an example can be seen here

Hello I got the same problem did you fix it by chance using the configurations? Please share on how you fix it? thanks.
13 years 2 months ago #24464 by tmaiaroto
Can the gallery module display images by fading in and out rather than scrolling?? Any easy way to do this?
13 years 2 months ago #24500 by nant
tmaiaroto wrote:

Can the gallery module display images by fading in and out rather than scrolling?? Any easy way to do this?

you can certainly add javascript code to do this.

you can also post a feature request for future development consideration.
13 years 2 months ago #24521 by tmaiaroto
so... would it be possible to say cbgallery1.js file to use maybe lightbox instead? ... or that might be weird, maybe just a simple fading thing...I could probably use moo.fx...

any little brief helpful comments about how it works? the file doesn't look too long I could step through it and try to figure it out - but I'm sure there's another file somewhere that does something that I'll need to know about.

.... also, would be nice to specify a user list instead of user id's maybe if possible..


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13 years 2 months ago #24576 by tmaiaroto
ok...cleaning up this post. I'm done creating the new slideshow effect.

You can see it in action here (for now):

I had an issue with images and resizing-- so I made the images simply size to the width I'm using for the module and let the height automatically generate -- this fixed stretching problems - the overflow gets hidden (cropped) and it's always flush left and top (top: 0, left: 0, position: absolute)

best of all this new effect doesn't destroy anything.

It's some simple code appended to the module php file and an extra option added into the xml file.

of course a css file and a js file are two new files needing to be included as well.

I also plan to use this: http://smoothslideshow.jondesign.net/timed.html

for another slideshow effect...but I may wait on that, I just spent half the day getting this sorted out...I need a little break.

one note: I used the large size image....this could be problematic for anyone who set the maximum size of images in the gallery to be large...mine are 500x500 max so I don't feel it's too too bad, but of course if the option is set to show all in the rotation.......yea, gets to loading a large amount of data - but so does this module to begin with if you have a large amount of images - even if they are thumbnails.

It's SUPER easy enough to change this slideshow to use the thumbnail version of the images...they appear to just be marked with "tn" prepended to the file names..ok no big deal. But I was getting pixelated images so I left the full size in... Maybe it's best to leave the thumbnails in I don't know.

Anyone wanting this code let me know.

edit --- couldn't help myself here, it's now fully integrated into the module...including fancy settings to control all the behaviors from the admin module settings...size, background color, border options, etc. I took out the css file and made the css inline to make these settings possible through the module admin - but also to help validate (linking a style sheet in the middle of a page is not so hot).

So there's just 3 files here that are different.
mod_cbgallery.php - changes
mod_cbgallery.xml - changes
xfade.js - new file, cross fade script

100% compatible add-on (as far as I know). You lose nothing, gain a lot....and a lot more soon as I'm going to put in another slideshow option (linked above).

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13 years 2 months ago #24613 by tmaiaroto
yup...now I have that slideshow in place... super slick.

but - you can't click on the images to go to the user profiles... hmm now I gotta really get my hands dirty :silly:

duh..it was there. all good now :cheer: :silly: :cheer: :silly: :cheer: :silly:

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