Trouble in paradise, When all goes wrong

11 years 6 months ago #53563 by joelmachado
:silly: Hello to all, it's newby time here!, first i like to wish all of you a happy new years!

well i have a few issues with my install, i can't tell if the problems are just from C. Builder or from the CB Connector.... well here we go


OS: Linux
PHP: 4.4.7
MySQL: 5.0.45-log

Joomla! 1.0.12
Connector v2 Beta

All installs are clean,

problem 1. When i create a new user, after registration, i get this error

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 12582912 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 737280 bytes) in

/hermes/web09/b1168/pow.vividgravity/htdocs/gravitazion/phpBB3/includes/utf/data/confusables.php on line 1

how ever the registration is subbmitted

Problem 2. after logging in true joomla, does not log in to phpbb3 and user is not created in phpbb3

problem 3. after an user is register by joomla, the user gets 2 accounts Register and Super Administrator, both with same ID
but if i go to the joomla user manager, there is only 1 account for each user and they are only register users, how ever ,, they still have access to the joomla control panel

problem 4. when i go to the Edit user field, in the forum section, the field Forum ID is not populated

problem 5.I have no idea how to set up CB wrapper, the forum is on a regular wrapper

uuu just realized, i can't delete any users i get

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 12582912 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 46080 bytes) in /hermes/web09/b1168/pow.vividgravity/htdocs/gravitazion/phpBB3/includes/functions_user.php on line 2204

I most of screwed up big time, somewhere,,, !!!!! :unsure:

i hope i can get some answers, here, thank you all!

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11 years 6 months ago #53611 by geeffland
Let's try to solve them 1 at a time and see if they are independent errors or not...

1) memory issue... verify the php variable for memory_limit... you can see this in the sys info on the joomla backend for easy reference... It probably should be set to 16M or higher.
a) change the value in the php.ini file
b) have the host change the value
c) include a php.ini file in the plug_cbconnector directory that just has the
memory_limit = 16M;

Some of the other issues are probably based on the users not being sync'd... which you probably can't until we fix the memory issue...

Let me know what you see when this gets changed...


CB3PD Developer - CB Connector (formerly phpBB Connector) plugin
11 years 6 months ago #53614 by joelmachado
:side: waoo, thanks for the quick reply,,, i change my mem limit to 16 and most of my problems when away,

however just noticed, when registering a new user, it asks for a Forum ID: most of my users don't know what it is ??? is there a way of getting the ID asign atomaticly

and last

can you tell me what my setting's should be in joomla and cb connector and Comunity Bldrs. control panels, in rther for it to work correctly! ,, i think that will clear the rest of my problems!

once again, thank u!
11 years 6 months ago #53635 by geeffland
The Forum ID should not show up on the registration tab... also it should not be editable by the user... only an admin and I think only editable from the back-end... The forum ID should be getting set automatically for the users when they register if the connector is setup correctly... don't forget that old users need to be sync'd using the control panel for the CB Connector.

More info can be found at Let me know if that does not answer your questions...


CB3PD Developer - CB Connector (formerly phpBB Connector) plugin
11 years 6 months ago #53665 by joelmachado
ok, i figure it out, i intalled a mod that was on cb connector pack called cdprofile form something, and that was allowing for the forum ID choice , all i did was unpublish that and all is good now, must of my problems are gone now, also another problem was that i forget to use the disable joomla core login mambot, that also made a big difference, all my troubles are good now so far

paradise is free again! :) thankyou for the help
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