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CBconnector.com is back online. Most things have been restored...

I am sure by now some of you already know but cbconnector.com is currently offline. Monday evening it was hacked and shortly after being hacked I took the site offline. Luckily I made a site backup earlier in the day so I have all of the info and DB tables.

At one point I was considering verifying files, tables, etc. then turning the site back online... I have done some additional thinking about that and decided in the best interest of the site and its users security to rebuild the site from the ground-up versus turning the old site online. My thought is that I can take this opportunity to update some of the core of the site and also avoid the possibility that some other 'trojan' file is in the old backup.

FWIW, the attack took place thru a Mantis Bug Tracker exploit on the older version I had installed... Same user and IP address also attacked atleast 1 other Mantis install on an unrelated site that same day (that I found thru google). Guess this is a good reminder on keeping the versions up to date... This experience will also keep me minimizing modules, etc. to reduce security risk, and likely have me do a security review of components I have on my site... and also give me a new focus on verifying the security of CB Connector... I am not currently aware of any exploits for the CB Connector...

Thanks for the patience on bringing up the new CB Connector site... I really think it is in the best interest of the site security to do it this way.


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