Can you use AEC and JACL plus with GJ?

12 years 2 weeks ago #46752 by darb
Just wonder if you can use AEC and JACL plus with Group Jive?

anyone tested this?

Have anyone tested it with phpBB with cbConnector? or is Fireboard a must?
12 years 2 weeks ago #46803 by darb
victune wrote:

You can use AEC+JACL Plus.
Check here:

Yes I know that you can use AEC + JACL plus.

Try Demo:

This is not a demo of AEC+JACL Plus+ Group Jive? Its about advanced profile control and AEC+JACL Plus.Dont see anything that is about GJ there. Im missing something?

Don't know if it working with GroupJive and/or can try ask here too:

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Well sorry but this info didnt help me at all.

What I want to know if anyone have tested and if you can use AEC+JACL PLus + Group Jive (GJ) + phpBB together?


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12 years 2 weeks ago #46842 by mpeetsma
Short answer?.. YES..

I run with CB 1.1, AEC, APC, JACL Plus, Groupjive, Zoom Gallery, fire board 1.03 and a variety of other extensions and all run together seamlessly.

Have fun.. takes some tweaking and setting up.. but works well.. although I would like to find something less complex than JACL, but otherwise, no complaints.


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