[Mambo 4.6.2 bug]: Error On Clean Install

15 years 3 weeks ago #57915 by dharward
Replied by dharward on topic Re:[Mambo 4.6.2 bug]: Error On Clean Install
As stated in my original post, I am using mambo 4.6.2, and i am still getting these errors. Any suggestions?

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14 years 8 months ago #68559 by smouritzen
Replied by smouritzen on topic Re:[Mambo 4.6.2 bug]: Error On Clean Install
I followed these steps and after step F I get success messages for the installation of both comprofiler.zip and the cblogin.zip. However, after that step cb does not appear in my components while cblogin does appear in my modules. Why can't I get the component to show up? Any help would be appreciated I was trying to get my site relaunched by the end of my summer.

annabel wrote:

Hello everybody,
here is the solution:
**leave the admin.php as is do not remove the trim**


STEP A. UNINSTALL CB Component (uninstall and Restoring your admin tool bar)
1.Log into your mambo admin site.
2.In admin URL window, specify the following url:
which brings you to the component window, to allow you unistall the CB component. As a result, your menu tool bar is fully restored.

1. Go to modules an uninstall CB Login module
2. Go to menu and select user menu
move to trash the 2 items created previously namely
the Component - Community Builder and the link URL

STEP C. DROP ALL comprofiler tables
using phpMyAdmin,
drop the comprofiler tables:

STEP D. Disable caching and SEF / SEF advance

STEP E. preparing a modified com_comprofiler.zip
as follows:
extract comprofiler.xml from the existing zip
remove all "IF NOT EXISTS" clause. Save comprofiler.xml. You now have a modified comprofiler.xml file which needs to be added to com_comprofiler.zip (replace the existing comprofiler.xml). You now have a modified com_comprofiler.zip.

STEP F. rerun the install process:
. Install comprofiler.zip as a component using your modified com_comprofiler.zip
. Install mod_cblogin.zip as a module.
. Edit CB login module params and publish it again.

STEP G. General configuration tasks:
go to Admin->Components->Community Builder->Tools

1. run Check Community Builder database
2. run Synchronize Users
3. run Load sample data.
go to Admin->Components->Community Builder->Configuration

complete various settings but most importantly in
the Registration tab, Allow User registration -->
Yes, independently of global setting.

STEP H)User menu configuration
1. Add a new user menu item for the comprofiler component (the users profile page):go to user menu, click New, select component, then Community Builder (com_comprofiler), give a name and save.
2. Add a new user menu item as a Link-URL and point it to index.php?option=com_comprofiler&task=usersList
(this will be the searchable users list).

STEP I) re-enable caching and SEF / SEF Advance.
LOGOFF admin! and you are done.

NOTE: if your admin session gets hang up in between the steps, use phpMyAdmin to empty the Session table
re-login admin if necessary.

This has been tested with

mambo 4.6.2 hosting environment:
Database Version: 4.0.18
PHP Version: 4.4.1
Web Server: Apache

Good Luck.
(please consider this as an alternate contribution
worthing more than the 32US$ CB documention subscription)
Forum-mambo-foundation.org will be advised accordingly about this workaround.

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14 years 1 month ago #89341 by henrys708
Replied by henrys708 on topic Re:[Mambo 4.6.2 bug]: Error On Clean Install
I have the same error message -

Fatal: Installer error with /home/content/l/i/n/lincolnpto/html/mambo/media/install_499db186d95a9/comprofiler.xml: component com_comprofiler SQL error DB function failed with error number 1064

but I am not clear on the solution. I took a look at the mos_component table with the 1.2RC2 version of comprofiler installed, and did not see any broken com_ fields. Should I re-attempt the 1.2 Stable installation, then edit the mos_component table after that? Then make the 2 edits to the admin.php file?

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