Users Select Their Own Category on registration?

11 years 2 weeks ago #75963 by ziggy03
I run a pet shop and community portal using CB 1.2 RC. Now what i want to know is there a way for the users to select their category while registration sign up??
the categories will be trainer, breeder, vet & owner! It also if it comes with a tag to the username like in the fourms you have ranks as tags for the username. And more admin control as in i can select to send a newsletter only to owners whil breeders will get a different news letter. I know this is possible but im very confused so some help will be greaty appreciated!

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11 years 2 weeks ago #75966 by Rapunzl
The future release of the Subscription plugin sounds as if it will do what you want.


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11 years 2 weeks ago #75970 by piersol
Simply create a required radio button field where they must choose one of the categories.

Have it appear in their profile.

And then create a list, filter it to ONLY include that field with the parameters = to each particular field.

You can see an example at of how we categorize clients separate from providers. And we go on step further and separate each different type of provider using this same method.
11 years 2 weeks ago #76007 by mediaguru
Yes. Current CB can do essentially what you want. I have members sign up as "business" "male" "female" or "golf course" on my site and created a radio button field for them to mark it. I make it required. Then hopefully someday I can use those fields better with a plug or with a new version of CB.

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11 years 1 week ago #76117 by ziggy03
Thanks for the help guys, using piersol's technique i'm able to do that quite well... in fact not only they select wether they're breeder, trainer or vet on reg. page they can also select which pets they own....

I am an Indian; I know about & believe in Karma way before forums were even invented ;-)
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