Essential elements of an RC2 language plugin?

12 years 3 weeks ago #72430 by adrianm
I'm a very happy CB user :P and would be a contributor as well but I don't understand enough about the program. I would like to contribute language plugins but I don't fully understand the essential elements, eg XML files and images. If someone could set that out in simple terms, I'm sure others could join in too.

I am getting some help with translating an RC2 site into CEE languages cs-CZ, sl-SL and hu-HU, and hope to feed the result back into this forum, but I do not want to have the translators do more work than is necessary. Therefore, something I would like to know is this: If translating a language plugin for 1.2RC2, MUST IT contain translations for all the older CB versions as well, or would RC2 work if just the variables under the RC2 headings were translated?

(In the back of my mind I am also considering translating into English dialects like Yorkshire, and Geordie etc, which would be fun... but when the pressure of work is not so great!)

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12 years 3 weeks ago #72434 by nant
Cool, please PM me with name, email address and I will add you to translation group and send you instructions.

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