User Registration Not Occuring?

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User Registration Not Occuring? was created by nonfinity
Hi, I tried searching for this situation but I couldn't find anything on it. If this is duplicate, just point me to the original problem.

What's happening for me is that when a user completes the registration page nothing happens. It directs them to the log in page that says "to access the private area of this site, please log in" and has a login form.

However, there is no user entry in the database and no email sent out to activate the account.

I've got CB 1.2 RC3, Joomla 1.5.7 (in legacy mode), PHP5

In my configurations I have Joomla Global Config set to "Allow User Registration: No" and "New User Account Activation: No". And I have CB config set to "Allow User Registration: yes, independent of global site settings"

Anyone have any leads I can follow on this one?

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12 years 1 week ago #80400 by nonfinity
Replied by nonfinity on topic Re:User Registration Not Occuring?
nevermind. I think I fall under the CB registration with sh404sef issues. I'll look at that stuff now

Fixed it as described under Update 2 here

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