CBSubs GPL 4.0.1 released

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CBSubs GPL 4.0.1 released

Changelog for CBSubs GPL 4.0.1 Release:


5380 Allow filtering by multiple-selecting plans in CB user management (or-function)
5356 For existing subscriptions, only display expiration date and not the duration anymore
5354 Add more choices for user subscrptions durations (and other durations choices too)


5378 CBSubs Promotions: Copying a promotion causes Fatal error: Class 'CBPTxt' not found in cbsubs.promotion.php on line 191
5367 With calendar periods not starting January 1st 01-01, we get "UNHANDLED FORMAT IN CBPTxt::Tdate: F j." instead of start date displayed
5361 CBSubs bot loads CBLib too early which breaks Language Filter causing CB language to be 1 page behind and routing to not be taken in account
5355 Subscription column in user management shows expired subscriptions
5352 Paypal Pro gateway: Fails at MasterCard because of spelling error in its XML setup file: NasterCard instead of mastercard
5344 CBSubs Mailer later than and following date usages invalid when more than 1 unit is being added
5343 Subscription sorting in user management doesn't function
5342 CB User Manager searching does not support Any plans or No plans
5336 Statistics view Plan filter causes SQL error
5334 Plan expire URL only expires public plans
4302 Invoice name field synchronization only accepts a single name field
4 years 4 months ago #267545 by Vasilij30
with the help of Google translator I can not understand what this plug-in? What is he doing ??
4 years 4 months ago #267552 by nant

Vasilij30 wrote: with the help of Google translator I can not understand what this plug-in? What is he doing ??

More info here:

Basically it lets you sell subscriptions to your website.
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