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And here the changelog between CBSubs 4.1.1 and 4.2.0:

25 New Features:

7078 API: Removing obsolete class returns by rerferences
7073 Multicurrency: Load exchange rates only on multi-currency installations
7071 Multicurrency: Log currency exchange rates updates only on multi-currency installations
7067 Make Save and Save As buttons consistent with CB and Joomla
7062 Promotions: implement publish and unpublish buttons
7060 Authorize.net: Modernize Credit-card form validation javascript
7054 CBSubs URL: log failed http requests to history
7046 Stripe: implement output of mandate url for sepa payments
7045 Stripe: update API for latest products usage and enable Sepa
6905 Add quicksearch by users email in addition of payer_email in baskets, payments and notifications
6829 Extend date conditions with more options
6820 Stripe: implement support for customer object reuse
6819 Stripe: Implement support for additional payment methods
6817 CBSubs Promotions: Implement time for start and end date
6808 CBSubs URL: Upgrade to use Guzzle
6780 Stripe: implement recurring billing
6731 PayPal Pro: implement payflow api
6489 Develop Stripe payment gateway
6424 PHP 7.1 and 7.2 compatibility
5963 Implement substitution support for user attribute
5633 Upgrade quickpay payment gateway for new API
4880 PayPal Adv: Implement support for additional Partners
4513 Suppress Currency updating if not needed or if switched off
4087 URL integrations plugin: Add authentication to URL HTTP/HTTPS requests
4033 Google Checkout: deprecate and remove this gateway

52 bug fixes:

7081 After login trial into expired mandatory subscription and successful payment by dummy gateway or credits-cards and then login the page displays "Payment basket does not exist."
7074 CBSubs Fields Tabs Protection errors on adminfulllist reason
7068 Statistics have unneeded Pending columns as they show only completed payments and sales
7064 Refunds hide frontend invoice
7063 Unclosed em tags in promotions and mailers
7061 Stripe: pending recurring baskets not being paid by IPN correctly.
7059 Admin area: Tables: Total colum widths not all 100%
7056 Text (instead of image) Payment Buttons do not run validations on terms
7053 Stripe: SEPA elements usage does not find the correct element
7051 Tax: Time-Pro-rating taxes over multiple tax rates periods broken
7050 Stripe: server side source creation incorrectly adding request params
7049 Invoice for a non-autorecurring payment having an item that would allow auto-recurring basket is displaying the first and second auto-recurring period+rate
7037 Replace legacy getRequestVar with Input usage
7026 Promotions: Invoice should not display special promo prices for items
7023 2checkout wrong configuration error message with repeating key gives wrong warning
7021 Import plans from other plans broken
7002 CBSubs Tax: tax will not apply without a start and end date
6985 CBSubs Tax report details show 0.00 entries instead of computed sales and sales tax values
6946 Rounded: missing basket styling
6911 Stripe: Recurring with free trial does not activate free trial
6906 Mailer: When "But do not send message if it's later than" is not set, mails go into sending queue but are not sent
6889 Upgrade condition for existing plans removes blanktext after selection
6876 Mailer "And no other date condition" impossible to select
6840 Promotion value not allowing substitutions
6826 2co IPNs fail with HTTP 499
6806 Memory limit set not PHP 7 compatible
6792 eWay: extremely slow HTTP requests
6750 API: cbpaidSomethingMgr::getAllSomethingOfUser() is returning id of plan instead of subscription in the id
6748 Clicking Renewals in payment center does not show renewals because of a query error
6681 Promotion does not apply showing multiple times
6643 Clicking the input for free donation plan does not select the plan
6573 Login on CBSubs access denied does not redirect correctly
6548 Paypal and 2Checkout: Payment dates not stored as UTC when stored as the completed date for baskets
6532 Title of registration page is by default in basket item description
6399 Non-mandatory invoice address still causing missing fields error
6185 Basket display: optional ValidityColumn: Even with only one recurring allowed or with payment gateways with single payments only, it displays ", then " and next period which is confusing
6166 Authorize.net: Invoice country not carrying over to credit card form
6127 CBSubs Promotions, CBSubs Mailer and CBSubs Tax rates start and stop dates storage using DATE instead of DATETIME
5959 Import from plan to same plan results in query error
5885 initial invoice display does not trigger province update
5660 CBSubs Mailer: individual mailer template toggle does not function
5637 Payment filtering by Registration type gives SQL error
5629 Plan mode "Approve before payment" will still show basket for payment on login attempt
5174 Promotion name ovrride is not applied to baskets and invoices
5136 Payment center Upgrades, Registrations, and Renewal filters do not work
4434 New registrations filter in Payments not functional
4147 Dummy row in cbsubs_gateway_accounts table causes fatal error
4143 PayPal: Redirect usage instead of button click sends wrong notify_url
3913 Automailer: Should not allow but allows for multiple statuses in conditions tab for existing subscriptions and this leads to an SQL error in the queries
2921 Date-times sometimes wrong when offset is present or users have different timezone than system
2782 [CONFIRM] substitution blank if CB configured not to require confirmation when plan requires confirmation
2715 Pre-populated Country with CBSubs Tax results in State not populating

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