Can't get the "CB profile look" to work.

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olausmarkus wrote:

They are all published in the CB plugin manager. But none of them work. I've tried the osx and the Winclassic as well. And choosing them in the CB configuration. If I unpublish the Default, the user profile stops working though and goes blank.

Sounds like possibly a bad install or perhaps bad plugin. Disable all plugins and see if that resolves it. If not try an expert upgrade on top of your current install (you must have CB 1.2) followed by running cb tools.

i have the same problem with olousmarkus and now i need someone to help me cause u know i paid for this template and want to be satisfied. i installed everything like how he did... (from guide, step by step) and it still doesnt work. i wonder does this Cb profile look has any script ? if it has can u tell me where can i find in my root ? cause i quess if it has scripts because of my hosting company i have to give 755 premisions to all of them ... just help me guys ,please

* i also gave 755 permisions to all js files but still doenst work :(

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11 years 7 months ago #95371 by olausmarkus
Replied by olausmarkus on topic Re:Can't get the
Thank's again for your support! Seems like after an upgrade of PHP to the latest version from my web hosting provider everything works like charm!

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