Automatic update of CB Field per checkout option

9 years 2 months ago - 9 years 2 months ago #162556 by firstlight
I have a unique setup challenge I hope someone might have a clue about. Sometimes these little things just take another set of eyes. :blink:

This might fall into the category of normal CB also, since the question mostly has to do with fields.

Here goes: A registration page has been created that allows users to select a particular option (let's call it Option A) only during registration; the field is locked as to not allow editing after a user has completed a successful registration. Option A is a drop down list consisting of roughly 100 separate named items. I have another list of numbers which directly correlate to Option A (let's call it Display B ) and also are not editable after registration.

I can easily make Display B not appear unless a subscription is active using the appropriate CBSubs plugin.

What I cannot do yet is make Display B automatically display the number that correlates to Option A.

Real world scenario: Option A is a list of insurance options and Display B is a policy number. When someone selects an insurance option at checkout, I want a different CB field to display the policy number as long as the user has a valid subscription.

Any insight into making this process work would be appreciated. I can correlate Option A > Option B using a SQL table if necessary, but I don't know then how to make the CB Field display the query SHOW "Display B" WHERE "name" EQUALS "Option A".

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9 years 2 months ago #162563 by krileon

but I don't know then how to make the CB Field display the query SHOW "Display B" WHERE "name" EQUALS "Option A".

Incubator project CB Conditional is very capable of doing this as it's what the project is entirely designed to do. It is capable of showing/hiding fields based off another fields value. For further information regarding incubator projects please see the below link.

To better clarify and ensure am understanding you correctly you're saying you want Field 1 to display if Field 2 value is XYZ, correct?

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9 years 2 months ago #162572 by firstlight
Perfect. This is exactly what I needed to do. The CB Query and Conditional Incubator projects both accomplish the task in different ways.

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9 years 2 months ago #162834 by firstlight
Okay Krileon, I'm having a blast with the Incubator projects. I'd heard about them, of course, but now a whole new world has opened up! There are so many cool things I can do!

To continue this original topic, CB Redirect has the absolute best functionality for the application. I can insert variables into the response and then direct people to a page with the appropriate field. It's great. :woohoo:

But the problem is with CBSubs, I guess. I've told CB Redirect to redirect after registration. I assumed this would be after CBSubs finished registering the user. Unfortunately, it kicks in before CBSubs and directs the user to a page without letting them finish the paid registration process. Is there a way to trigger CB Redirect after the CBSubs process (i.e. after a successful CBSubs registration/payment--as opposed to just a CB registration--then do the specified redirect based on the registration variable where 'X' equals 'Y' then display message/variable 'Z')?

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