Validity Duration

8 years 10 months ago #169908 by boyjahq
We're trying to change to CB Subs from AEC.

The price plans durations that we currently have on AEC are set up are for:

1 year
1 year 2 weeks
1 year 1 months
1 year 2 months
1 year 3 months
1 year 6 months

It doesn't seem possible to re-create this on CB Subs. Is there any way to combine plans to achieve a validity duration outside of the options listed in Regular Validity duration?

If this can't be achieved through the interface, would it be possible to achieve this through a custom plugin (i.e. is there an API specifically for CB Subs that we could hook into?)
8 years 10 months ago #170036 by boyjahq
I think I answered this through creating a parent plan of 1 year and having other plans extend it.

It's hard to tell on my test case however, because after successfully paying through PayPal and returning to the site, I got a message:

No suitable basket found

The GET information indicates a successful transaction:


In the database, cbpid matches my test transactions, "shared_secret" field:


The id of the record is 1 and though payment has been made through PayPal, the payment_method field is marked NULL and the payment_status field is marked, "NotInitiated."

A new user is created, but no plans show up for "Subscriptions" and the user is not enabled or confirmed.

CB Subs logs a message that a new subscription is created with a status of R

Any idea why this isn't working?
8 years 10 months ago - 8 years 10 months ago #170042 by boyjahq
More data, found two logs in "notifications," that both had the following (I refreshed the page once, which may account for an extra log):

"IPN notification authentication returned unexpected result from payment gateway"

The Raw Result portion of the log follows:


Fatal Failure <br>



Raw data:
$_GET=array (
  'option' => 'com_comprofiler',
  'task' => 'pluginclass',
  'user' => '3210',
  'plugin' => 'cbpaidsubscriptions',
  'cbpgacctno' => '1',
  'cbppdtback' => '0a7b875e6f8bb0a3dfdd966d4a46dc17',
  'cbpbasket' => '1',
  'result' => 'success',
  'cbpid' => 'cbp4e2493ba03cff171520737',
  'lang' => 'en',
  'Itemid' => NULL,
$_POST=array (
  'CONTEXT' => 'X3-7SZn2ExXucINxlliZ_05NdFsrIIpaV9TcRYNLL_GiOwm9XgEZzWKQeV0',
  'myAllTextSubmitID' => '',
  'cmd' => '_flow',
  'mc_gross' => '1.00',
  'invoice' => 'N1050145481938747',
  'protection_eligibility' => 'Ineligible',
  'address_status' => 'confirmed',
  'payer_id' => '*** Removed for Privacy',
  'tax' => '0.00',
  'address_street' => '*** Removed for Privacy',
  'payment_date' => '13:15:49 Jul 18, 2011 PDT',
  'payment_status' => 'Completed',
  'charset' => 'Shift_JIS',
  'address_zip' => '*** Removed for Privacy',
  'first_name' => 'John',
  'mc_fee' => '0.33',
  'address_country_code' => 'US',
  'address_name' => '*** Removed for Privacy',
  'notify_version' => '3.1',
  'custom' => '1',
  'payer_status' => 'verified',
  'business' => '*** Removed for Privacy',
  'address_country' => 'United States',
  'address_city' => '*** Removed for Privacy',
  'quantity' => '1',
  'payer_email' => '*** Removed for Privacy',
  'verify_sign' => 'AQU0e5vuZCvSg-XJploSa.sGUDlpA3WLZZlQwFVxfkTQFeBW.t4P5mh0',
  'txn_id' => '9AT22011KC915774Y',
  'payment_type' => 'instant',
  'payer_business_name' => '*** Removed for Privacy',
  'last_name' => '*** Removed for Privacy',
  'address_state' => '*** Removed for Privacy',
  'receiver_email' => '*** Removed for Privacy',
  'payment_fee' => '0.33',
  'receiver_id' => 'CFNB337TGM56L',
  'txn_type' => 'web_accept',
  'item_name' => 'Single User, Start in Two Weeks for 3208',
  'mc_currency' => 'USD',
  'item_number' => 'S1-3210-2,S2-3210-1',
  'residence_country' => 'US',
  'transaction_subject' => '1',
  'handling_amount' => '0.00',
  'payment_gross' => '1.00',
  'shipping' => '0.00',
  'form_charset' => 'UTF-8',
  'language' => 'en-GB',
8 years 10 months ago #170074 by krileon
Please provide your Joomla, CB, and CBSubs versions. Not seeing this error anywhere in source. Seams like something is preventing access to CBSubs perhaps? Please check that within Plugin Management that CBSubs is public and published. Please check the within Tab Management the Subscriptions tab is public and published. Please do the same for CBSubs Joomla plugin. If not upgraded to CBSubs 1.2.1 yet, please do so.

Kyle (Krileon)
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8 years 10 months ago - 8 years 10 months ago #170157 by boyjahq
Hey Kyle,

The Tab and Plugin are both public and published.

CB Subs is version 1.2.1
CB is 1.4
Joomla is 1.6.3

I think CB Subs is being accessed, because of the error message, but for some reason it's not correctly processing the GET request. There is probably a simple check that is occurring and failing, but not showing information that is particularly helpful.

As a test, I turned off all my plugins, except CB Subs and core plugins, and the registration still failed to update after payment with the same error.

It's too bad that you guys decided to encode it. I understand and empathize with the business reasons to do so, but I could probably get this troubleshot in 30 minutes and instead have to rely on back and forth on the forum to guess at what is going on. :S

Update: Don't know if it's helpful, but no records are being created, at all, in the jos_cbsubs_payments table
8 years 10 months ago #170428 by boyjahq
This was a simple solution: The development site is password protected and PayPal wasn't able to respond with the IPN.

Once the protection was lifted the user was subscribed like normal.
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