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8 years 11 months ago #172081 by Haddewade
Hi there,

On oure website we have acutaly three types of people,

1. the 'guest' they just look arround and have acces to a minimum off articels/pages.

2 the 'guest' want's to know more, even get on the forum so he registrates become's a ´website member´ and have acces to many more articles/pages (but still not the whole website)

3 the ´website member´ also want's to pay for exclusive information and has there for acces to the hole website.

Is there a ´how to´ to make this set up?

I have been struggeling to 400 pages and this forum, have binn hours off testing but i don't get it right.

Can somebody push me in the right direction ho to fix this?

Many thanks in advance.

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8 years 11 months ago #172097 by nant
I assume that guest #1 is anonymous is is just a public browser.

You need to create 2 plans - one for registered members #2 and one for website members #3. Protect the non-public free content on both these plans and protect the paid for content on the paid plan only.

I would read the documentation Use Cases.

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