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Replied by raniko on topic Re: Field and Tab Help
Thanks Nick. I'm pretty new to this but the functionality is pretty impressive.

Maybe you can help me with one more item that I've been grappling with. I'm trying to create an advanced filter in a list that compares 2 multi select dropdowns... Basically, any word in multi-select 1 that matches a word in multi select 2 should display that user.

In my advanced filter at the moment I have...

`cb_investorindustries` REGEXP REPLACE( '|*|', '|', QUOTE( '[cb_industries]' ) )

where cb_investorindustries is a multiselect with apples, oranges, pears, etc
and cb_industries is a multiselect with tomatoes, peppers, apples etc.
If there are any matches, the user should be shown....

but it currently returns 0 users when I know that there are matches.

Any thoughts? I'm still learning sql (familiar with basic comparisons/Like commands)but I really only need this one additional matching technique for my site.

Thanks again Nick.

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