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8 years 5 months ago #174940 by jvande
Currently I am using the CB Fields integration on my membership plans to change a specific cb field to a certain value on activation, the rule is set that when the plan deactivates (expires, cancelled, etc...) it will subtract the field value from itself and return to 0 or empty. This is what my subscription content revolves around, what the value is in that particular field. This has been working fine for me, however it does not always work so well. I've noticed that if the plan expires, the "Remove value on plan deactivation:" action does not fire off immediately. From my tests, the user has to actually access the 'current subscription, upgrade subscription page' for expiry action to take place on the specified field. So someones content will still be available as long as they dont access that page, the cb field will remain the value that was added upon original activation. This is causing me a little bit of a headache having to manually check my users field and plan status and changing it myself, if the system has not already done it for me. Is this a possible bug? Is my configuration not ideal? I almost wonder if doing and SQL Action plan integration would be better, and ensure that the field does get changed on expiration. So far it appears that the only trigger for the expiration only happens if the user goes to the membership options page. Note: i do not have any grace period setup up for plan expiration. Help is much appreciated!
8 years 5 months ago #175815 by jvande
Next question. Hopefully this is more direct. Does there need to be a subscription module published in order for expiration of a plan to instantly take a effect upon login? Does anyone know if the user actually has to login for the expiration email to get sent out? I am coming across the issue with users having to actually access the membership upgrade possibility page in order for the system to turn over and expire their plan and send off the email, and execute the CB Fields integration action... I do not have a grace period set on any of my plans. I start members off with a "free" trial plan, then introduce a paid subscription plan that they can upgrade to if they want to continue their service with us. Just some finicky functionality with the actually expiration and update process behind the scenes. Seems to be relying on the user to access the membership page for the system to recognize if their plan is expired or not, then execute the appropriate actions such as emails and CB Fields actions. What in the world could be going on?
8 years 5 months ago #175829 by nant
What versions?

(no module is not needed for expiration to trigger)
8 years 5 months ago - 8 years 5 months ago #175858 by jvande
CB 1.4, CB Subs 1.2.2, Joomla 1.5.2. Is there some type of 'sync' or way to force the system to update all membership status and for event triggers. My CB backend search list is showing a list of users that still have a 'trial' plan active but individually when I click on their subscription tab it shows that they have a lifetime subscription which is the base plan for 'nothing', so it looks like the system does know the 'trial' plan expired but just hasn't executed all the way, and displaying it on the admin end list that the 'trial' plan is still active.
8 years 4 months ago - 8 years 4 months ago #177598 by jvande
Issue still not solved. My system is not dealing with plan expirations correctly. I have mandatory ARB subscription plan setup with authorize.net. CBSubs is able to setup the subscription plans upon payment, however, I am getting an error returned on transactions:
"TYPE: IPN payment gateway communication error, REASON CODE: ARB-Silent: mandatory param missing". With this error everything still happens smoothly until expiration of the plan. Since it is a mandatory automatic renewal the plan should continue on as long as the next payments are successful but these plans are just expiring anyways, authorize.net payment still goes through. It appears authorize.net API is not communicating correctly, I can establish a subscription setup and payment verification, but when it comes time for renewal, CBSubs never hears from authorize to keep the plan going. The functionality to cancel the plan from the user works fine. The cancelation passes onto authorize perfect. I have copy and pasted the Silent Post url provided by the plugin into authorize.net. But it appears something is wrong with it. Is there a controller or something that I need to setup to make this URL callback work properly with authorize? For some reason I am not getting a call back other than the initial payment verification. My subscriptions are starting to grow and this is increasingly becoming a hassle to deal with each subscriber issue. Attached is a snap shot of the payment log.

8 years 4 months ago #177831 by jvande
Do I have to pay the extra membership in order to get my software to work properly? I've already pointed out a bug in 1.2.1 with ARB authorize.net issues that thankfully was able to get confirmed and fixed with the next 1.2.3. I am convinced there is still a bug with 1.4 with authorize.net. Specifically the ARB-Silent parameter URL. My software needs to communicate appropriately with Authorize.net for my subscription memberships. Without the ARB-Silent parameter working it causes my current subscriptions to expire every month though the customers payments are still going through. Hopefully someone has been using authorize.net with subscriptions, I feel like URL CB Subs wants me to paste into authorize is not quite right.
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