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8 years 10 months ago #177867 by krileon
Reviewing the image your ARB payments are working just fine. Authorize.net is sending an IPN with Single and Recurring payments, but we don't accept or need the single payment IPN (which is the ones erroring out under notifications) and is nothing to be alarmed about (it's just annoying to see it error under notifications). Your recurring payments are "subscr_payment" with type "autorecurring payment" which are all successful. Please ensure all of your plans have at minimum a 3 day grace period to allow for IPNs to be received before the subscription is auto expired by CB.

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8 years 10 months ago #177868 by jvande
I will make the adjustments now and see how that works out. Thank you so much for the reply and the helpful tip.

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8 years 8 months ago #181855 by jvande
A month has passed since my last post, which is the term for my sole paid subscription plan. It appears that CB is still auto expiring my memberships. I had set the grace period to the recommended 3 day grace period to try and allow more time for the IPN's to be received from authorize.net, yet still CB either is not getting them or authorize is not firing them. As soon as a member logs in a month later to get their content, it shows that their plan has expired, regardless of the fact that their credit card is still clearing and status as an active subscription on authorize.net's end. I have had new members sign up since my 3 day grace period change, it will be a few more days to see what happens has far as the auto expire problem. Does changing the grace period on existing active plans not get updated to those members plans that already have that plan active?

I'm a bit stumped and can not figure what configuration I have is wrong. I would like to know if others are having similar issues with recurring payments using Authorize.net specifically, maybe there is an API problem? There is a management issue that is arising from the IPN failure, my user base has growing every week with 1 - 2 subscriptions a week. When a user logs in to see that they are expired, (i noticed it only updates the status once they login) I have to fix it after the fact. Besides the manual work of "reactivating" each plan from the User Management panel, customers are walking away thinking that they no longer have a membership or that their card has expired. I notice this expiration only triggers when they log in, which for me is too bad because its too late for me to "reactive" the plan because it does not change plan status until they log in, no way for me to catch the issue before it happens.

I really do like this plugin and have recently updated up to a 15,000 users license and plan to keep going but if I can't figure out this recurring payment IPN issue, I will run into some real trouble when I get a substantial amount of subscribers, the credit cards just have to manage themselves when it comes to auto recurring payments. This is the reason why I bought and implemented this plugin 11 months ago. It has been great but it has some quirky functionality here and there. Help is appreciated, I've searched the forums and can not find people with similar problems to this. I am almost wondering if there are some bugs with the Authorize.net API and CB Subs, it appears to not be the most popular payment processor used for this plugin, but I may be wrong about that. Thanks.

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8 years 8 months ago #182204 by jvande
My plan is set to Autorenew Type "mandatory", but the plans keep expiring anyways and then automatically changes to Autorenew Type "manual". After this change happens how do I change it back to "mandatory" for that user? When viewing the users subscription in the 'CB Paid Subscriptions: Subscriptions' menu it says "A Subscription is automatically created and administered. Don't touch things here, but do it from backend Community Builder User Management in Subscriptions tab please. This pannel is only provided for information, no warranty on effects of changes." The only option in the Community Builder User Management in Subscriptions tab is to reactivate it, no way to change the auto renew type. However this is just a side effect of my payment processor not communicating properly make with CB Subs, the plans should not auto expire if the payment gets processed.

Something I am wondering about is in the CB Paid Subscriptions: General plugin settings >Automation settings > Mass expiry settings > Mass expire subscriptions method: Admin area only (100 at a time maximum per main CBSubs admin pageload). Is there anything I need to have setup here specifically so that my system does not auto expire? Plans need only to expire if authorize tells cb subs. Does the "Url of cron task:" url need to be input into Authorize.net system? Please help, I appreciate any input. This has been hair pulling!

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8 years 8 months ago #182207 by nant
Please PM me backend access and I will take a look.

Need to understand exactly what you have configured.

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8 years 8 months ago #182296 by nant
Got PM - thank you.

Your setup looks fine.

Can you please do the following test:

Create a new user in frontend and go through the motions to subscribe user to the auto-recurring plan (make payment also - you can get refund from your customer afterwards).

Once this is completed please post back with username of test user and I will take a closer look to see what if anything went wrong.

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