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8 years 8 months ago #175117 by pmcgowan71
Ran into the "Failed to move uploaded file to..." problem on GoDaddy. After pulling my hair out trying to turn on Joomla! FTP (is it possible on GoDaddy, I can't find anyone who's pulled it off), I noticed the 2M limit warning at the bottom of the screen. The CBSubs Core Plugin zipfile was of course bigger than 2M. A quick update to php5.ini and I was on my way. I'd suggest Section 8.3 of the CB Subs Manual point out this out, as GoDaddy's pretty popular and their default seems to be 2M.

I hope this message gets posted somewhere, I tried to respond to an appropriate topic but I needed to be a member to respond. I don't want to pay $75 to help everyone out.
8 years 8 months ago #175123 by nant
Thank you - I will include this in next version of CBSubs documentation.
Suggest you tell your Godaddy folks to increase this default to at least 4M.
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