uddeIM and CB profile search not displaying?

10 years 1 month ago #213096 by nant

Rolandnj wrote: Hi Nant,

Thanks for that. Def easier.

I have updated the invite component. No problem.Thanks

I have followed the tutorials to a t. I don't seem to have a user menu under the menu manager? Could this be the problem.
I have put both menus under the MUST HAVES menu option.

In short neither appear on the front end.?

Any idea of what to do next?

Not sure what your issue is at this point.

What are you trying to do that you are not able to?

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10 years 1 month ago - 10 years 1 month ago #213098 by Rolandnj
The message feature and list feature still do not feature on the front end?

Ok Battling to get screen shot uploaded.

According to both book tutorials. After following the steps. A message feature and list manager should appear on profile page on the front end.

This is not happening?
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10 years 1 month ago #213105 by krileon
Please PM backend super administrator login credentials and will configure CB for UddeIM as well as create a Userlist (and its menu link) for you.

Kyle (Krileon)
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10 years 1 month ago #213108 by nant
LOl - well I got PM instead of Kyle.

No worries.

Regarding your PM questions:

On the profile page there should be a message tab (where can people, as here, can send and receive messages?). I followed the guide you provided the link to. And the message tab/link does still not show on the front end. Profile page.

There is no message tab here on this site.

There is a message menu that appear when you visit someone else's profile.

This is also the case on your website.

You cannot send a message to yourself - that is why you cannot see the message menu when you look at your profile.

You had created a uddeIM menu as I can see in your Must have menu.

I create a menu alias pointing to this and placed it in your Main menu.

Now when you login, you will see an extra menu item next to my profile called messages.

This will take you to your uddeIM area, where you can read messages and compose/send also.

Also when you visit someone profile you will see the quick-message box. This is a nice way (instead of going through the Messages menu) to send a message to the profile owner with just a single click.

Following a similar process I mapped your Community Builder menu user list item to an alias in your main menu.

So now you also see after you login a User List menu where you see all your users listed and you can click on someone to visit his profile.

Hope this gets you going again.
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10 years 1 month ago #213123 by Rolandnj
Thanks guys for all your help.

Fantastic. One day I may be as clever as you both.(Hopefully)

Have a great day.

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