CB 1.0 RC2 - THANK YOU Release

As announced, RC2 will be initially provided to our trusted supporters, who via donations and contributions have kept us going morally and spiritually. If you have donated money over at Mambojoe.com or you feel that you have contributed to the cause in some other way, please register as a Joomlapolitan over at www.joomlapolis.com and state in the relative registration field why you feel you should be given access along with some reference data (e.g., paypal proof, etc.). Your account will be approved (please be patient - we have decided on a manual approval approach to better manage these matters since human screening is necessary) and depending on you valid aurgument your profile field THANK YOU Release will be checked or not.

All THANK YOU members can follow the count-down to release via the countdown module located on the Joomlapolis home page. The RC2 release will be available via the Download area of Joomlapolis.



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