Hosting plans


  • 2GB Disk space
  • 10GB/Month bandwidth
  • Up to 5 different domains
  • Up to 5 different databases
  • 20€ (29$) per month (2 months free for yearly plans)


  • 5GB Disk space
  • 20GB/Month bandwidth
  • Up to 10 different domains
  • Up to 10 different databases
  • 30€ (44$) per month (2 months free for yearly plans)


  • 10GB Disk space
  • 40GB/Month bandwidth
  • Up to 20 different domains
  • Up to 20 different databases
  • 50€ (74$) per month (2 months free for yearly plans)


  • 30GB Disk space
  • 200GB/Month bandwidth
  • Up to 40 different domains
  • Up to 40 different databases
  • 100€ (149$) per month (2 months free for yearly plans)

Resller plans

  • You can resell hosting to your customers
  • You can give a hosting pannel to your customers
  • Unbranded hosting
  • Plans with 10, 20 or more customers
  • Starting at 40€ (59$) per month (1 month free for yearly plans)

Dedicated servers in our private high-availability clusters

  • We also offer dedicated servers located in our high-availability secured clusters
  • Run your busy site fast like we do for this site
  • 2 to 8 dedicated redundant processors
  • 1 to 4 GB dedicated redundant RAM
  • 40 GB to 160 GB dedicated redundant disk-array
  • Hosting panel for 10 or 50 domains, fully managed system
  • Very fast Internet connections at up to 1 Gigabit per second
  • Hosting available in Europe and in North America
  • Pricing on request, starting at 430€ (640$) per month (semi-annually, setup fee applies, or annually without setup fees)

Our hosting packages allows you to adapt your hosting according to your business needs. Our tools allows migration from a shared hosting to a dedicated server plan in a very easy way. If none of our hosting plans fit your needs, do not hesitate to share your need with us: we are here to help you.

Do you need dedicated server ? please contact us.



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