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Memberships pay you back!

CBSubs allows you to make your site pay for itself and for your work building your community:

CBSubs allows your members to pay you for your site

CBSubs is fully integrated with CB and all its processes and workflows. It allows your site members to choose their memberships, donate and buy products from your site in an integrated workflow.

CBSubs allows you to handle multiple memberships

CBSubs allows to handle multiple memberships, donations and products for each user, allowing for up-sales, upgrades, optional or mandatory memberships, and automatic user account expiration.

Handle your social memberships automatically

Extend your registration process with new workflows, including selection of plans and payments for membership, donations and products within your registration form. Propose fields at registration which depend on the plan chosen, allowing for different profiles depending on subscription plans subscribed.

Fully integrated and tailored for Community Builder

Integrate the plans, donations and merchandises sales into the Community Builder registration page and on user's own profile.

Donations and products too

CBSubs integrates all features needed to manage your social memberships, donations and merchandise sales for your community:

Collect donations

CBSubs allows collecting donations for multiple causes by using multiple plans. You can fix donation amount, make a list of suggested values, have a free amount field and set minimum and maximum donation amounts, avoiding donations which don't even cover collection charges.

Sell products online

You can sell merchandises online, either downloadable electronic items in combination with a documents manager (DocMAN and Remository supported by integration plugins), or products, services, and any other items. Many integrations allow to automate the electronic delivery.

Combine subscriptions, donations and merchandises in single sales

CBSubs allows you to combine any kind of item in a single sale, allowing easy cross-sales, and a single checkout for the member. Often subscriptions, donations and merchandises sales are done by different components, requiring separate checkouts, which considerably lower the probability of joint sales. This is a real winner feature of CBSubs and helps dramatically raise your sales amounts, specially within your social community.

Propose options with children plans appearing web-2.0-way when user selects main plan

We call this the "sales doubler": when the user selects a top plan, CBSubs can unveil sub-plans as options or up-sales using a smooth web-2.0-transition in the browser. This allows proposing to the customer special options, deals, and other goodies, which allow raising the average sales-amount by easily 20-100%, depending on the offering.


Although CBSubs uses web-2.0 techniques, it remains accessible to every user, as it is properly marked up, HTML and CSS W3C-compliant, and works just fine without javascript too.

Control profiles by plans

Give differentiated profiles to members depending on subscriptions and allow different views of profiles depending on subscriptions:

Give specific registration pages

You can now have specific fields on the registration page depending on plan chosen. Fields will appear and disappear smoothly depending on registration plan chosen.

Give premium profiles to users

You can now give premium profiles-features, tabs and fields to premium members depending on their plans. You can offer 2 or more types of members

Give premium profiles views

Views on profiles, as well as visibility of tabs and fields can be limited by plans.

Adapt the profiles to your memberships needs

The above features allow you to adapt the user profiles to the type of memberships on your site.

Control profile tabs and fields in detail

Each member profile field and tab can be controlled in details, thanks to extra parameters shown in CB by CBSubs.

Can be used in combination with Privacy plugin

You can even combine CBSubs with the CB Privacy plugin, allowing members to control the privacy and visibility of fields and tabs.

Protect access to content

CBSubs allows you to give premium access and content to your premium members.

Give premium access to your site articles, sections, categories

CBSubs Content plugin allows you to sell premium access to your premium site content. CBSubs integrated access control for Joomla is a clean implementation without any joomla or CB hacks for Joomla 1.0 and for Joomla 1.5. You can control each individual article, section or category, and select to protect full articles, or still show the introduction text, with a "Subscribe to read more" link which will automatically show only the plans allowing to access the particular content.

Give premium access to specific components

Offer premium functionality to premium members: Same as for articles, specific components can be fully protected by CBSubs plans. Applications are only limited by number of available components on Joomla or develop your own.

Control modules displayed depending on subscriptions

You can determine specific modules showing only to members subscribing specific plans, and thus change the appearance of your site depending on subscriptions. The CBSubs module allows you to display current memberships and upgrade and renewal possibilities at all times.

Control menu access by subscriptions

You can even control access by menus, requiring users to upgrade for accessing specific menus.

Control access by any URL parameter for unlimited flexibility

Finally, for total fine-grained access control (for example to forum sections) you can control access by url parts, and also to specific apache folders for downloads. More integration plugins are being written every week.

Commercial plugin with commercial license

CBSubs is sold with a commercial license as a plugin to Community Builder, which is free and open-source - This allows offering a professional-grade solution to many new Internet-marketing needs for your own social network.

15+ CBSubs integrations plugins in addition to 120+ CB plugins exist!

CBSubs is a powerfull social memberships management framework, which is highly extensible and much extended. Over 15 CBSubs integration plugins already exist, and new ones are added every week. Soon the API will be available and many example implementations too, allowing you to make best use of this incredible new-generation E-commerce framework.

Extend CBSubs reach with integration with all main Joomla extensions

You can extend CBSubs integration with all main Joomla extensions already, and more are to come, or developed on request.

Leading Joomla paid subscriptions system

CBSubs quickly became the leading paid subscriptions system for Joomla, with revolutionary features, and is actively developed with new features to respond to community demands.

CBSubs Team released plugins

CBSubs Team develops and makes plugins available too. For now, all of them are included with CBSubs.

SQL integration plugin with substitutions for unlimited custom integrations

Most integration can be done through database-queries triggered by plans activations and expiries. Many examples already exist in the forum, and more are being added often.

Main features at a glance

  • Works natively with all flavors of Joomla
  • Extended registration – add membership plans choices, donations, and merchandise sales to registration application
  • Allows CB approval workflows specific to plans chosen:
  • Optionally confirm email before or after payment,
  • Optionally approve users before or after payment: all of this is configurable by plan.
  • Control fields and tabs availability depending on plan.
  • CBSubs module displays memberships and upgrade and renewal possibilities, with direct links,
  • CBSubs module can randomly changing advertisements to register, renew, or upgrade plans.
  • Very powerful backend: Create unlimited plans of any type, payment gateways and accounts.
  • Browse subscriptions, sales, payments, donations, merchandise sales,
  • Draw statistics graphs,
  • Import memberships,
  • Configure detailed invoicing are all there.
  • Extend CB profile with CBSubs subscriptions.
  • All front-end elements are language ready and can be modified or translated as needed.
  • Outputs are W3C compliant for HTML, CSS and Javascript.
  • Usability and Accessibility has been a key concern during design and implementation. Many usability tests have been done:
  • Any interrupted process can be caught up at next logical step. For instance, someone registering and not paying will be presented with the payment to be made at next login.



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