GDPR and what it means for your Community Builder site


<disclaimer>This article does not provide legal advise - please consult a lawer.</disclaimer>

There are millions of articles currently on the Internet discussing the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GPRD) - last time I typed GPRD in Google I got 19,500,000 results. This regulation is planned to go into effect on May 25th, 2018 (unless a delay is granted).

As a Joomla Community Builder website owner this new regulation most likely affects you - even if your website is not located in a European Union state. If your site has a registration form, you are collecting data from your website visitors and some of those visitors might live in a European Union state - tag your it!

The simplest way to go about GDPR compliance is to address the following 7 aspects of the requlation:

ConsentBreach NotificationRight to Data Access
Right to be forgottenData PortabilityPrivacy by Design
Potential Data Protection Officers

You will most likely not need to be concerned with the Data Protection Officers aspect as this pertains to large corporations that handle lots of personal data (but once again remember the disclaimer). Kyle's GDPR Compliance with Community Builder blog is a great starting point for these 7 points and it also provides some useful reference links. We strongly suggest you read it now.

As you see from Kyle's blog, things are not that complicated as you should keep in mind that:

Joomla 3.9 is also planning to be released with a new privacy component that Joomlapolis will be tapping into with a future Joomla 3.9 compatible plugin.

Perhaps the most important and probably most time-consuming part is to review your Privacy Policy and make it clear and easy to understand and GDPR-compliant, like Kyle explains in his blog.

Key take-aways from this article:

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