CBSubs Presentation Workflow

8 steps CBSubs Business Workflow to help you visualize your own use case

The CBSubs GPL - Paid Subscriptions Membership Management Solution is a complete product with a proven track record.

A detailed user's manual (600 pages) will guide and inspire you with hands-on use case descriptions and ideas that you can use on your own websites.


cbsubs plan presentation

Create subscription plans

Offer subscription based membership, sell merchandise items and collect donations on your Joomla 3.0, 2.5 or 1.5 site.

new featureMulti-currency support with daily exchange rate feeds dynamically presents pricies in multiple currencies.

cbsubs content protection

Protect your content

Lock up your Joomla content and require a paid subscription for viewing using CBSubs built-in protection

new featureCBSubs also fully supports the Joomla 2.5 ACL permissions system for frontend and administrator operations.


cbsubs gateway list

Configure online payment channels

Choose how users pay you for your subscription services with payment gateway integrations.

new featureSupport added for 8 more payment organizations bringing total number of supported gateways to 16.

cbsubs mailer example

Automate your marketing

Send your users automated personalized marketing messages using special discount promotions.

new featureWith CBSubs Mailer you can schedule automated personalized messages to increase sales.


payment gateways

Promote your products

Create powerful sales promotions for your products and services using CBSubs Promotions.

new featureOverride displayed price automatically when promotion is active to promote your discount offers.

payment gateways

Customers select and pay you

Your users will pay you based on the payment channels you have configured as your CBSubs gateways.

new featureRadio selection payment method per gateway allows users to easily and quickly pay you.


piwik integration

Analyze your sales funnel

new featureUse the new Piwik Integration to track and analyze your sales goals and converion rates in realtime!

Piwik is one of the best open source web analytics tools available for traffic analysis and ecommerce analytics reporting.

cbsubs sales graph

Visualize your success

See your sales transactions and income grow using the built-in reporting and charting with drill-down filtering.

new featureMore statistics charts and tax related reporting. Enhanced graphing and reporting now supports plan filtering.

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