CB Auto Actions (8.1.0)

Configure workflow related tasks around your community without coding. Send emails, private messages, update field values, change Joomla ACL group, execute database queries and even more actions when a specific event happens. Powerful tool to make awesome things happen in your community.

Making great things happen without coding

Auto Actions Video Tutorials

At a Glance

Best configuration power tool for implementing extra website workflows.

Codeless Automation

Identify the user event, select desired actions and fill in the gaps to create powerful automations on your website.

Open Source

Everything you download from Joomapolis - whether free or paid - is GPL v2 licensed. This means that you can install it on all your websites and use it forever. Learn more about your GPL v2 privileges.


Quality and security comes by design. Best practice coding and peer reviews help us produce top notch secure code for your websites. Community Builder is one of the most secure scripts available for Joomla.

Huge Community

We have been here for over 10 years and still growing. The 500+ thousand Joomlapolis users comprise the largest extension community for Joomla. Community Builder powering over 8 million websites worldwide.

Supported Actions

Actions make things happen and 23 action types are here to help you implement your website automated workflow needs without the need to code.
Action list includes:
Action, CB Activity, AcyMailing, CB AntiSpam, CB Blogs, CB Paid Subscriptions, Code, Connection, Content, Email, Field, CB Gallery, CB GroupJive, CB Invites, K2, Kunena, Login/Logout, CB Menu, Private Message, CB Privacy, Query, Redirect, Registration, Request and Usergroup.
Create as many actions as you need to put in place the extra automation / workflow logic your website needs.

Conditions for Action Execution

You can configure conditions that must be present for the auto action to execute.

Built-in Functions

Extremely powerful built-in function blocks help you fine tune your conditions.

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Cron Job Scheduling

Actions typically happen when a user does something on your website. There are however some actions that are not triggered by user actions and need to be triggered periodically with cron jobs.

System Actions

Built-in system actions are waiting for you to enable or disable many automated workflow actions. CB Activity system actions are configured to push specific user events to your CB Activity steam. Great resource to learn how to create your own auto actions.

Poweful Configurations

Each action can be configured differently by modifying the action's parameters.


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